The Professor and the Bird


This is the story of a highly unlikely romance: a Professor of Archaeology and a young girl who takes part in motorcycle races in the desert; he is Greek, she is Irish; and the age difference between them is more than 30 years!

While they get to know and love each other, in that excavation camp in the Anatolian desert, adventure unfolds. Sally finds a clay fragment that bears the oldest inscription in an Indo-European language found to date. The news of that rare find, of course, attracts shady characters: an American millionaire wants the piece for his collection, and when Nikos explains to him that ancient artefacts cannot be sold, the rich crook resorts to other methods of getting at it…

Set against an exotic Turkish background with interesting characters of various nationalities, a lively story unfolds as Nikos and Sally develop a deep passion for each other and simultaneously defend the artefact from the thieves. Their love will be put to the test – will it be strong enough?


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