Review: Shiva XIV, by Lyra Shanti

When Prince Ayn is born and baptised Shiva XIV, he is also declared the new Bodanya, a reincarnation of Adin, the great god of planet Deius in a faraway galaxy; all the people’s hopes are based on the boy to grow into a saviour and find a way of healing the sick planets. He is placed into the care of priests who educate him with love and wisdom in order to prepare him for his great day: his enthronement at the age of fourteen. But on exactly that day, things go horribly wrong, a terror attack kills his beloved teacher-priest, and he just about escapes being killed as well when another young boy, heir to a throne himself but a rebel at heart, takes him away to a hidden planet of exiles, criminals and artists. His new friend Zin is happy there, becoming the musician he always wanted to be – but Ayn can’t forget about his calling: he has got to prevent a war and save the galaxy…
A beautifully poetic coming-of-age story, about taking on responsibility, about awakening sexuality, about friendship and loyalty, “Shiva XIV” takes us to a faraway galaxy, which is clearly filled, though, with exactly the same issues and problems our own world is. The two endearing young runaways could be boys next door – or rebellious children of important people designed for higher tasks in life they are afraid of. Their adventures are breathtakingly thrilling, but just when the big climax seems to be ahead, Book I ends rather abruptly – leaving us, of course, with no other choice but to continue with Book II, “The Veil of Truth”! I personally can’t wait to read it…

Published by: Roberta Franklin

I’m an author of romantic fiction, born in Germany and living in Wales and Greece. I’ve worked as a journalist, as social hostess on a cruise ship, as an insurance agent, as a translator and teacher… I love books, movies, computer games, history – and I feel at home everywhere around the world!

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