Cosy Summer Mysteries Reviews: Booked for Murder, by CeeCee James

This summer, I’ve decided to put together a to-read list of cosy mysteries; it’s one of my favourite subgenres, they’re easy to read, not too long, and a lot of fun. I’ll publish a review of each one of them here; I hope they’ll give you some ideas, too, for a nice and easy summer read! First on my list is “Booked for Murder”, by CeeCee James.

Maisie, the new manager of the prestigious Oceanside Hotel in Florida, soon finds out her new job is rather demanding: a comic-con convention is scheduled, and hundreds of guests come pouring in all at once. She doesn’t want to mess it up; after all, she’s got her mother to support, too. But, besides all the usual little problems with the guests, something much worse happens in the middle of the convention – Maisie finds Norman Olsen, a famous computer deviser, dead on an inflatable armchair in the hotel’s swimming pool.

All hell breaks loose, of course, police arrive, interviews take place, Maisie’s boss is shocked. Soon, there’s a whole list of suspects – the young and pretty widow, the son and business competitor, the young fellow who’d just been fired by Olsen, his girlfriend and her friend, the hotel’s young tennis instructor, even the receptionist… And, since Maisie also happens to be a mystery writer, she just can’t resist doing a bit of sleuthing of her own!

A lovely read for every fan of cosy mysteries; a most likeable protagonist, a wonderful sense of humour, moments of real suspense and even of thoughtfulness and emotion as well. Makes us want to read more of Maisie’s adventures!

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