Photo post: A London walk, Kensington – West End – Soho

On one of my last days here in London for a while, my fiance took me for a walk in the city centre. We started out in posh Kensington, well-known from TV series like “Upstairs, Downstairs” – the rich and the powerful live here…

8Soho (9)8Soho (11)8Soho (12)8Soho (13)

We passed by the Natural History Museum, which was absolutely crowded with tourists!

8Soho (18)8Soho (21)

We passed Picadilly Circus with the famous Anteros statue and the equally famous entrance to Regent Street.

8Soho (28)8Soho (29)

We walked down Shaftesbury Avenue, though – the heart of the even more famous West End, full of movie palaces and theatres like the Gielgud Theatre, named after the great British actor.

8Soho (31)8Soho (34)

Then on to Soho – equally famous, but for different reasons… It’s become somewhat tamer in recent decades, but the atmosphere is still great; and there are lots of wonderfully old-fashioned establishments, like this Italian Espresso bar, one of the first in Britain, opened in the 1950s!

8Soho (39)8Soho (42)8Soho (43)

There are buildings from many different eras here in Soho; and Soho Square has got a most beautiful little garden:

8Soho (44)8Soho (45)

Boy, am I going to miss London… But I’ll be back soon!

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