Cosy Summer Mystery Reviews: Brownies and Broomsticks, by Bailey Cates

After a long break, here’s the next cosy mystery in this summer’s series: A hilarious mix of murder mystery and Harry Potter!

With the help of aunt Lucy and uncle Ben, Katie realises her dream and sets up a bakery – but before it even opens, mean old Mrs Templeton practically forces her to host the local Business Association meeting there. Against all odds, Katie manages; but afterwards, Mrs Templeton refuses to pay the agreed sum for the event! Uncle Ben gets very angry with her – and a few minutes later, Mrs Templeton is found dead in her car with a broken neck; and, of course, Ben is the main suspect…

Not enough with that, though: soon after, Katie learns that aunt Lucy and her friends from the book club are witches, and that she herself has got magical powers as well! But while Lucy and the other ladies try out spells to keep Ben from being arrested, Katie sticks to a more realistic method: together with the handsome young fireman Declan she starts investigating. They come across Mrs Templeton’s arrogant nephew and heir, they find a run-down apartment building that belonged to the deceased; and soon it shows that there are quite a number of people who had a good reason to kill Mrs Templeton…

A most enjoyable read, with a good dose of humour, suspense, a big choice of suspects, and a bit of romance on the side – what more could a fan of cosy mysteries ask for? Tasty recipes are included as well, of course.

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