Hello dear friends, and a happy New Year – I hope each and every one of you had a magnificent New Year’s Eve, with your family and/or friends and/or pets! To me, New Year’s Eve has always been the greatest and most fun day of the year – but never as much as THIS time, having just married my darling Ian, the man of my dreams… And we’d decided to celebrate here in Piraeus, with my parents – a real family party. My Mum, who’s recovered just fine from her knee operation just six weeks ago, as always, prepared the buffet and decorated the flat – while vain little me, as always on New Year’s Eve, spent hours in the bathroom and bedroom prettifying myself for the big day and getting my glad rags out… Well, if you can’t dress up on New Year’s Eve, when can you??

12zilvester (4)

And we had a LOT of fun, eating and drinking (me indulging in one of my hobbies that’s also just ideal for this particular day: mixing cocktails) and watching the German live music show via satellite TV – and we celebrated three times: first the Greek New Year, then the German one, and then the British one! How’s that for a perfect start into 2019?!

Now, for a week, we’ve been taking it easy, before having to continue our hunt for the papers for my new passport from tomorrow on – a week of pure bliss, just my darling Ian and me and Jimmy. We’ve been playing darts, watching movies, listening to music, lazing around – and I’ve even played the keyboard again, which I hadn’t done in years!

Last night, my darling gentleman took me out for a meal; we went to our favourite restaurant close by called Barbadimos – specialising in Greek food originating in Asia Minor! Huge portions of kebab, souvlakia and roast chicken, accompanied by tzatziki, onions and grilled tomatoes; and a very special side dish, my favourite: aubergines with honey… The wine flowed freely, too, beautiful old rembetika music was playing in the background, and we just talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves – a magical evening!

1twelfthnight (3)

And we’ve also started planning our summer holidays already! After Wales and Ireland last year, we’re going to continue our Celtic trip with Scotland – I’ve never been there, and I’m all thrilled! We’ll take the train to Edinburgh, visit that lovely city, and then we’ll venture further north to the Outer Hebrides – to see more standing stones and other prehistoric sites which we two historians love…


Now, friends, what are your plans for 2019 – holidays abroad, a new job, a new hobby, or maybe even getting married?? Anyway, I wish you all a GREAT year, full of love, happiness, joy and health!! And I hope I’ll be able to entertain you with various posts on all sorts of things this year, too…

champagne cork

Happy 2019!!!


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