It’s Burns Night again!

It’s Burns Night again!

Another Burns Night has come around – as I told you last year, same time, it’s the celebration of the Scottish national poet’s birthday.

It’s Rabbie’s 260th this year, and as always there are big events all around Scotland, and not only, all through the weekend. Which other country can boast about having a holiday for their greatest poet? And the proceedings are very solemn and traditional:

If – like us here in Piraeus, Greece – you haven’t got a Scottish butcher close to you and aren’t able to obtain a sheep’s stomach for a haggis, you can always do a good old-fashioned Scotch Broth; a very nutritious soup/stew made of lamb and lots of vegetables. I’ll tell you the recipe in my next post! And don’t forget to get a bottle of Scotch whisky to raise a toast to Rabbie…

1scotchbroth (1)

Of course, what would Burns Night be without reading – and maybe even reciting – some of Rabbie’s poems? That’s basically the reason we gather together! So how about his most famous poem, Tam O’Shanter? It’ll certainly get you into a romantic winter mood! And the Robert Burns Federation provides us with an English translation, too – a great way of learning a bit of Scots…

And don’t forget some bagpipe music – namely “Auld Lang Syne”, to which Rabbie didn’t write the lyrics himself as many people think, but it’s a very old Scottish folk song and he was the first one who wrote it down. And it’s, of course, played and sung at the end of every Burns Supper!

7 thoughts on “It’s Burns Night again!”

  1. I’m so sad I didn’t get to celebrate this year! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to put something together this time.. (and we both had to work!) But, now that I’m the event planner at my new job, I’m going big next year and I’m getting everyone to join me! 😂😂 Glad you had a good night. Cheers! 🍻🥃

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    1. Oh, that’s too bad, that you didn’t have time for celebrating… But next year’s gonna be a big one, is it? Enjoy it!! We’re really having a Scottish year, my darling husband and me – we’re going on holiday to the Outer Hebrides in summer…


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