Best of Both Worlds

Hello dear friends, and sorry for not having posted anything in a while; I had a very bad eye infection which rendered me completely incapable of doing anything on the computer. But now that I’m better, I’d like to tell you a bit about the wonderful new way of life my darling husband and me have been enjoying during the past months – living in two different cities, two different countries, changing environment every few weeks and really getting the best of both worlds…



After my daughter left us, we spent a few wonderfully quiet weeks in London, just the two of us in our cosy little flat on the second floor – watching TV, listening to music, being romantic… Ian always does breakfast when we’re in London, and dinner as well most of the time – and he’s a fabulous cook, having been a bachelor for so long! Sometimes, though, I treated him with a nice meal as well, now that I’ve really got into cooking again, and experimented a bit with some of my favourite Italian recipes, like this carbonara with asparagus and broccoli; I’ll tell you the recipe next time!

3Carbonara (1)

We went to see friends at the pub a couple of times (a wonderful British custom), and one night we went to the BFI again, the British Film Institute, one of London’s great cultural institutions where some of the latest film releases are shown as well as a wide range of classics; and I saw Charlie Chaplin for the first time on the big screen, in one of his immortal masterpieces, “City Lights”. Before the movie, we strolled along the lively Southbank with its skateboarders and graffiti, and afterwards, we had a lovely dinner at the Italian restaurant on the premises, and a drink at the bar – there’s just so much to do in London!






Now life here in Piraeus is a bit different; less events, less places to go, which gives us more time for our little home cinema and our growing DVD collection.



But my darling gentleman did take me out for a meal on my birthday last week – to the local Indian! Piraeus is getting more and more multicultural…

4BirthdayS (3)





Apart from that, we spend a lot of time with my parents and Marianna who live close by, and of course with Jimmy the Panther, who gets bigger and lazier all the time…

4Jimmy (2)

Here in Piraeus, I do breakfast – porridge and boiled eggs usually, but sometimes I spoil my darling with a Full English. What is a Full English? Ooh, that question has been debated for a long time, and there’s more than one answer to it. I’ll tell you in another post, friends!


I also do Greek specialities for dinner, with fresh fish and vegetables from the market, so we really get the Mediterranean feeling here – being both tourists and residents at the same time. And, of course, we’ve got our two little Celtic travel companions always with us, both in London and Athens: Ben and Lep, who’ve also become quite cosmopolitan by now and enjoy the regular change of scenery just as much as we do!


More stories, recipes, reviews and other things soon; till then, have a wonderful time, dear friends!

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