News from the gaming front

Well, friends, I’ve been gaming on my smartphone again; and I’ve got some good tips for you for fun and interesting games to spend your spare time on! A while ago, I told you about the very first smartphone games I’d started playing:

And I still play them most every day – my two favourites are Farm Day Village and June’s Journeys. On the former, I’m at level 43 by now, the proud owner of a large and busy farm with cows, sheep and goats – and looking forward to level 50, when I’ll get a dog at last! On June’s Journey, I’m at level 74 – and about to solve my third murder… So, as you can see, this is not the sort of games you’ll finish in a day; they require patience, but they’re also extremely interesting and, yes, addictive.

And there are more of them – role play games, hidden object games, match 3 games, and sim and farm games, which are my favourite. So today I’d like to introduce to you some more of them; really good stuff, with fantastic graphics and new challenges every day! The first one is Megapolis; as you’ll have guessed, it’s a game where you build a big city – like the good old Sim City long ago, but much more impressive. Skyscrapers, bridges, airports, even holiday resorts, you can build it all here!


The next one is Seaport; having once worked on a cruise ship, I can never resist a lively port with ships coming and going – and that’s exactly what you get here: you build a port city, buy ships, trade with other places. And you get really beautiful and stylish ships from various centuries of shipbuilding, with resonant names such as “Santa Maria”, “La Pinta” or “HMS Kentish”!


For those who like it more holiday-style, there’s Tropic Escape: here you’ve got a strip of land on an idyllic island, you grow pineapples and coconuts and grill your crabs and fish on the beach! It’s simple, but very cool and a lot of fun…

Tropic Escape

And then there’s Township, a pretty wacky but endlessly entertaining farm game; the cows, sheep and chicken are a LOT of fun as they eat and lay eggs and grow wool, and that’s just the beginning! Later on, you’ll get all sorts of challenges and games to play while taking care of your prospering town…


So those are my gaming tips for the day; I’d love to hear some suggestions from you as well – tell me about your favourites, I’d love to learn more!

And, as I’ve said before, dear friends, try not to spend TOO many hours gaming – it’s a lot of fun, yes, but real life, and time spent with your friends and loved ones, is even better!


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