The pride of Tottenham: Hotspur Stadium

Well, friends, after having been back in London for almost two weeks, today we went at last and saw IT for the first time: Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium! Yes, I’ve become an ardent Spurs fan ever since I moved here – and what exciting times for the club, too: on Saturday, we’re playing in the Champions League final for the first time in our history, and just a few weeks ago our new stadium was inaugurated! And it’s the most modern stadium in Europe, and IMHO also the most beautiful one by far…

When my darling Ian showed me the place for the first time in 2017, it was a huge building site; they’d started building the new stadium while tearing down the old one on the side – the world-famous White Hart Lane Stadium, home of Tottenham Hotspurs ever since 1899. I felt truly sorry for the poor old thing – but even then, it was clear from the dimensions of the building site that something great was going to come into existence there…


6LondonLove (13)

I’d seen the new stadium on TV before, of course, when it opened in April – but when we got off the bus, I was just absolutely stunned! A dream of glass, metal and concrete, futuristic but also functional, and of course designed from top to bottom as the home of London’s greatest club: the famous cockerel, the club’s symbol, can be seen everywhere, there are big screens around the ground with pictures of the players, and to the fans’ great delight there’s a huge fan shop selling everything a Spurs supporter’s heart desires…



I just HAD to go in – and I really felt like a child on Christmas! Shirts, flags, caps, bags, even pyjamas and knickers with the Spurs crest on them…


Needless to say I did quite a big shop there – and back home, I got into my new outfit at once! Believe me, being a football fan offers lots of blissful moments of all sorts…

5SpursStadium (23)

So now we’re feverishly looking forward to Saturday, of course – the greatest day so far in Spurs’ history, the Champions League final against Liverpool! We’re going to watch it in our Irish pub, where there are sure to be supporters of both clubs present – I’ll tell you about it on Sunday, friends… Till then, we’ll be singing “COME ON YOU SPURS!!”

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