A day at the funfair

I’ll tell you a secret, dear friends: I’ve always absolutely ADORED funfairs – and I still do, even though I hadn’t been to one in literally years and years. All those thrills, carousels, rollercoasters, shooting galleries, ghost trains… So I guess you can imagine how my heart started beating when my darling husband and me saw that poster: a funfair, at our local green, just a five minutes walk from our flat!! There was no doubt about it: we just HAD to go…

And as soon as we arrived there, I felt like I was 16 again! The blinking lights, the music, and all the people enjoying themselves; only this time I was with my darling Ian, my dream come true, my oh so wonderful husband, which made this little funfair here in Tottenham THE perfect one, the best one in my whole life.

The first thing we came across happened to be Ian’s old favourite, though he hadn’t been on one in many years, either: the good old dodgem cars, where – completely opposite to usual driving behaviour – you bump into others as often and as hard as you can! And even though the car was a bit small for my tall darling and me, we enjoyed the ride a lot…

Next, there was a kind of small and very fast Ali Baba ride that spins you around sideways in a gondola; Ian decided to skip this one, but me, I simply couldn’t resist… Believe me, friends, it’s just like flying!

After this gravity-defying treat, we decided to eat something: hot dog and chips, of course, what else would you eat at a funfair? And not only was it enormously tasty, but the whole atmosphere with the plastic tables and the big ketchup bottles was just wonderfully boho-romantic…

With our stomachs filled and our hearts happy, we continued walking around – and I spotted another loony ride, a twist with cars that go up in the air, spinning you around. My darling Ian wasn’t keen on this one, either, but he took some great photos of me riding it!

Oh what a LOVELY Sunday afternoon… But there still was something missing, something without which I’d never leave a funfair: a packet of candyfloss, of course! So we got a really huge one, and started devouring it right then and there.

6Funfair (46)

There are many things to do in our spare time – cinema, or a football match, or a rock concert, or a trip to the beach… But believe me, friends, there are few things as exciting and fulfilling than a day at a good old-fashioned funfair; just try it out the next time there’s one near you!

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