Our magical trip to Scotland – Part 3: Glasgow

After a train ride of less than an hour, we’d got from Edinburgh to Glasgow! A bit of a different picture here compared to Scotland’s capital, more downbeat and less glamorous, but nonetheless very charming.



We’d booked at the Mercure City Hotel, which also was a bit less glamorous than the Salisbury in Edinburgh, but then, that’s how those big hotel chains go. The staff were extraordinary friendly and helpful, though, and the room was nice and warm and equipped with all the necessary amenities; so what more do you need in a place right in the city centre?



So we went out for dinner – my darling husband wearing his brand-new tweed cap, which I think makes him look VERY Scottish and sexy! We found a nice old-fashioned pub called Blane Valley where we had scampi and a few drinks, and a lot of fun…



Later on, we strolled down to the river Clyde – a really beautiful sight in the evening light!



On our way back, we came across Glasgow’s oldest pub, The Scotia – a lovely place with lovely locals and great drinks; and if you’re lucky you can even catch some spontaneous live violin music!



The next day, after a hearty breakfast at the well-stocked buffet (haggis for breakfast again, and as much as you can eat, too!), we explored the shopping streets in the northern part of the city; lots of examples of one of my favourite sort of shops here as well as in Edinburgh: souvenir shops…

7Glasgow (31)7Glasgow (33)7Glasgow (34)

On Sunday, we enjoyed a time-out with room service at the Mercure; and on our last full day in this wonderful city, we decided to go to the theatre – for the first time together! We checked the programme online, and what did we find at the Theatre Royal?? A production of one of our favourite movies of all time: Hitchcock’s classic “The Lady Vanishes”, starring Juliet Mills! So we booked our tickets immediately, then dressed up nicely (I thought I looked quite Scottish myself now as well in my new tartan shawl…), had dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant right opposite the theatre, and then entered the Theatre Royal – what a gorgeous place! Elaborate Victorian decorations, a huge heavy old-fashioned curtain, velvet seats and balconies; I’d certainly never seen a theatre like this before…

7Glasgow (47)





The performance was absolutely fantastic; and from the programme we learned that the Classic Thriller Theatre Company had only just adapted “The Lady Vanishes” for theatre for the very first time! It was a really thrilling experience to see the great Juliet Mills and her co-stars from such a close range, and the entertainment value was top. If they ever come to your local theatre, don’t miss them, dear friends!


The Lady Vanishes


We had a couple of drinks at a nice little pub next to the theatre, and then went back to the hotel to pack our bags – tomorrow we’d reach our final holiday destination: the Outer Hebrides…

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