My new job!

It’s always a big thing, isn’t it dear friends, to start out on a new job, to learn a new profession, to do something completely different from what you’ve done before. I’ve had that quite some times in my life – I’ve been a reporter, a social hostess on a cruise ship, an insurance agent, a translator, a private tutor, a novelist and a blogger… I’m still following the two latter occupations, of course, but for my permit in the UK I had to prove that I’ve got a ‘real’ job here – and my darling husband had the most wonderful idea: I’d go into business partnership with him and form an indexing firm, Ian & Sabine Craine (that’s my real name now as you’ve probably guessed) Indexers! Thing was just that I’d never done any indexing before…

Ian, who’s been indexing books for more than 20 years now, had told me a lot about it, of course, and I’d always been very interested – after all, I’d studied English literature and History years ago back in Munich, and I’ve always liked history books and biographies and other non-fiction books and I’ve always appreciated a good index to look up things you’re interested in. What a great idea to actually do those indexes myself!

And I’ve had the BEST teacher, of course, ever since I started training – my own darling husband! He patiently explained so many things to me, answered all my questions while I was working my way through the indexers’ manual, and he finally gave me some of the articles he’s written himself to do my ‘test indexes’ on. Well, I did my best – and my teacher/husband was very pleased with me! It’s just such a great thing to both live and work together with your partner, believe me, dear friends; my parents had done the same thing with great success years ago.

So now that I’m ready to take on the next job that’s going to come in (provided it’s an easy one…), we’ve also started an online advertising campaign for our brand-new business – and here once again my graphics and design skills came in, which I’d learned from my parents in their printing business…

IanBina Indexers Ad

That goes to show that the time is ALWAYS right for doing something new; never be afraid of changes, dear friends, just go boldly ahead! And as for working with your partner – don’t let anyone tell you it’ll be bad for your relationship, because it’s actually quite the antithesis, as Bill Fields would say…

9Restaurant (3)

Next time I’ll tell you about one of my Mum’s recipes from Bavaria! See you soon…

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