It’s that time of year again…

Yes, dear friends, February has started, and it’s by no means a dull month – not only has it got Valentine’s Day and Carnival in store for us, but also the Six Nations Cup! As I’ve told you, growing up in Germany and then living in Greece for years, I never really got a chance to watch rugby on TV – but I’m certainly making up for it now: it’s become my favourite sport, and I immensely enjoyed last year’s World Cup. But that’s only once in four years – the Six Nations are on every year!


England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy will compete over the next six weeks for the trophy, and for a possible grand slam if they win all their games (which Wales did last year) – in other words, a display of absolute top-notch European rugby! Thankfully, the BBC and ITV do all the coverage here in the UK, so we can watch all the matches at home without having to pay for Pay-TV or go to the pub.

And so, my darling Ian and me and our little Celtic friends – one from each of the Celtic nations that always do so well at the Six Nations, Scotland, Ireland and Wales – have been taking our seats in front of the TV set again, equipped with cider and crisps, to watch the grand spectacle.

The first match of the tournament only just finished; and what a perfect start for my team, Wales, beating Italy 42-0!! Even with a new coach they’re still at their best – so there’s more than a small chance of another triumph for us next month! But, of course, Ireland and Scotland want to have a say in that as well, and they’re on next playing each other – let’s see…

Now I’m by no means an athletic type myself, but there’s just SO much fun in watching sports, and especially team sports. Identify with your team, with your town, with your country, get excited, celebrate – there’s nothing like it! So, dear friends, engage in watching sports, go and support your local team, or watch it on TV at home or in the pub – and enjoy the Six Nations! Rugby’s the greatest sport in the world…

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