A trip to the park!

With this pandemic having changed our whole lives, dear friends, it’s amazing how little things in life have taken on a whole new importance all of a sudden – who would have thought that a simple trip to the park after the easing of the lockdown rules would seem like a big adventure!

I hadn’t been anywhere in about three months except to our little corner shop where we get all our daily essentials; so, now that the lockdown rules were eased, I’d got quite used to staying in all the time. But yesterday the weather was so nice that my darling husband managed to persuade me to do a little trip to our local green and sit down in the grass for a while – and we REALLY had a lovely time!

It was so nice being in the sun again; and the spot we’d chosen was absolutely safe, too – like sheep herds, humans obviously tend to all go to the same places, i.e. big parks or beaches or other beauty spots, which isn’t exactly helpful for keeping the required Coronavirus distance… So, we did exactly the opposite and just went to our local little strip of green, and we were completely alone there!

We watched the pigeons as they ate and played; the mating season’s on, and so there were a lot of fellows with swollen breasts following gals who played hard to get – that was better entertainment than on TV, actually, and so romantic!

It was almost a bit like a picknick, sitting there on our towels; and we decided that next time we’ll take some sandwiches and drinks with us – and that next time might be soon!

6Park (15)

The shops in our streets are all still shut up, but at least we can go out and sit or lie somewhere again, with a bit of green around us; and I realised we should really take advantage of this possibility and get out once in a while – we’ve been locked in for too long.

6Park (16)

Don’t forget about the distancing rules, though, dear friends, when you do go out – this is by far not over yet! And a lot of when it will be over and with how many victims depends on how we act now… Still, enjoy your little local trips, dear friends, and get a bit of summer feeling!

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