Back into gaming again: Family Island!

As I’ve told you, dear friends, I’ve had a lot of problems with my eyes this year – at some point I almost thought I’d lose the left one. But I recovered and got back into a normal life, doing my indexes, writing my blogposts and learning my Welsh – and now, finally I’m back into gaming!

On my tablet which my dear darling husband gave to me, while I was doing my Duolingo Welsh lessons I came across an ad for a new sim&farm game. Now those ads can get on your nerves sometimes – but once in a while they can be useful, too! I installed “Family Island”, and for the past week I’ve been playing for hours every day – it’s so wonderfully relaxing, easy to play (any five-year old could do it, but that doesn’t mean we grown-ups aren’t allowed to play it as well!), and a lot of fun…


Now here’s the story: Stone Age farmer Bruce and his family are forced to flee from their island by a volcano eruption; they land on a completely deserted island and have to build a new home there. And, of course, since we’re in the Stone Age, there’s no modern technology and our family has got to do everything by hand, from building a wooden shower shack to weaving clothes and growing vegetables!


The pace is nice and relaxed, and you do need some patience sometimes for producing all the necessary components for a new Stone Age machine or a ladder to get into a new area of the island; but then, there’s so much to see and do on this fun island where the goats and chickens roam around and the kids can play on the beach.


It’s free to download to your smartphone or tablet, of course, and nobody can force you to do in-game purchases – just be patient and accept the pace of Stone Age life!

Let me know if you like the game, dear friends; and remember not to play for TOO long – believe me, it’s not good for your eyes…

Happy gaming, friends, stay in and stay safe!

(Pictures: Google, Android and MEmuplay)


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