Guest post by Ian Craine: WHAT IS A CHICKEN?

What a lovely idea my darling husband and music buff has had again – a selection of chicken songs!


I recently sent you all five train songs. Just as important in the history of the music that I love are songs about chickens. There’s something both nutritious and that little bit funny about a chicken. And to answer my question- a chicken ain’t nothing but a bird.


And I’ll tell you something else you might not know about chickens. They do like their own company.


Of course if you’re not paying attention you can get confused about what is or is not a chicken.


This is one of the best of chicken songs of all.


And finally over to Britain- Brian’s favourite I seem to recall reading. A rooster’s a chicken, too, of course!


Now where could we go next. Suggestions welcome.

By Ian Craine


(Picture by Gary Larson)

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