Roberta’s Recipes: Omelette ideas

Omelettes make a great and very nourishing breakfast or brunch, and they’re not at all difficult to prepare; and besides, there are endless variations that can make every single omelette unique! To the basic batter, you can add all sorts of ingredients, both vegetarian and non; you can adapt each recipe to the personal tastes of the one who’s going to eat it, so there’ll never be any quarrels about different preferences.

Omelettes (4)


The basic recipe for a simple omelette needs per person:

2 eggs, 50ml milk, 1tsp flour, salt, oil


Separate the eggs, whisk the egg whites with a hand mixer or a whisk until stiff. Mix the egg yolks with the milk and flour in another bowl with a whisk, then slowly stir in the egg whites with a spoon; add salt to taste. Your omelette is ready to go into the frying pan!

Omelettes (2)

Pour the batter into a big hot pan with oil, move the pan around a bit so that the omelette fills it out, and fry on a medium flame from one side for 3-4 minutes until it’s golden brown underneath and solid enough to be turned around, then fry from the other side for another 3-4 minutes.

Omelettes (3)

BUT you can add lots of other ingredients to the basic batter to make your omelette tastier and more filling. How about one or more of those:

Grated cheese, ham, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, courgettes, baby spinach, broccoli, tinned fruit…

Omelettes (1)

Just like the toppings for a pizza, you can choose, match and mix to your own taste; a great start into the day, both creative and yummy, and quite easy to do, too! So, spoil yourself and your loved one(s) with a special Sunday morning treat today, dear friends – it’ll brighten up your whole day…

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