A hope on the windowsill

I must confess, dear friends, that my psychology hasn’t been too good recently – this whole coronavirus situation has just been going on for too long, and there’s no end in sight, either; and instead of lying on a Mediterranean beach or exploring the Celtic areas of the British Isles like we’d always done in August we’ve been sitting here in our one bedroom flat in London all summer. Neither do we know whether we’ll be able to travel to Greece next month to see my parents and daughter after nine months, neither whether we can go ahead with moving to Wales like planned in October.

BUT my dear darling husband has found something to cheer me up with, as always – he’s been introducing me to one of his hobbies, a field in which I had no ambitions whatsoever until now: his lovely little windowsill ‘garden’, which brings a bit of colour and nature into this part of the asphalt jungle. So, he bought a set of geraniums from the local supermarket, and together we’ve watched them grow over the past few weeks – a really thrilling experience, believe it or not!

I never knew how much you can relate to flowers – they’re living beings, they grow before your eyes, you can literally feel their struggle for sunlight in order to open their blossoms. You can even talk to them and have a feeling they understand you! It seems like a little miracle when the buds open up and a mass of colourful beauty is released. And following the developments closely also made me realise how good my smartphone is at shooting close-up pictures!

Also, our little geranium collection is tri-coloured, pink, white and red ones – it’s a thrill every time a bud is about to open up to find out which colour the flower is!

Since they’re all individual flowers, they’ve also each got their separate rhythms, so that by the time the ones that came out first start wilting, there’s already some new ones coming up – the circle of life…

In case you (like me until now) have never thought of getting some flowers in to put on your windowsill or your balcony, especially if you live in a grey and dreary city flat, let me assure you it’s a wonderful hobby; it’s cheap and it doesn’t take up much time or effort, but it’s endlessly rewarding!

Keep your spirit up, dear friends, discover new hobbies and be optimistic – better days will come soon…

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