Made it – moved to Wales!!! And now for some ‘lockdown camping’…

Well, dear friends, we MADE it, my darling husband and me: last Thursday, on the last day before the fire-break lockdown in Wales, we got ourselves and all our things over the border to our lovely new flat in Holyhead on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. Oh I’m SO happy!!! And also very relieved, because Wales is a safe place with a sensible government that will protect us and manage to get Coronavirus under control – quite in contrast to the government in London…

Now, of course, we’re in lockdown here; shopping only for essential goods, which doesn’t include white goods or furniture – thing is, we’ve got no bed of our own yet, neither a cooker, fridge or washing machine… Since we knew that fact beforehand, though, we decided to simply get some bits of camping equipment for our first weeks here: a couple of air beds, and a little camping cooker. Time for some indoors ‘camping’, and it’s a lot of fun! We can do our laundry in the washbasin, and the hall, which is quite cool, serves perfectly as a fridge.

So, we’re perfectly fine here for the duration of the lockdown; even though we haven’t got internet yet, we’ve got our mobile data on our smartphones – on which I’m composing this post with a little bit of difficulty… But you learn new skills that way, too!

Generally, what I want to tell you with this, dear friends, is: when you’ve got an idea, a dream, don’t hesitate to go through with it, no matter what the difficulties! It wasn’t easy to find a new place in the middle of a pandemic, and it wasn’t easy to organise the move that quickly, either – but we made it, and now we’re safe and happy, and we’ll be celebrating our second wedding anniversary tomorrow with a takeaway pizza and a bottle of wine, and then Halloween binge-watching classic horror movies on DVD…

Life is simply WONDERFUL if you make it so, friends!

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