Our flat is shaping up – and flatpacks are fun!

We’ve been very busy with our new flat in lovely Wales, dear friends – it’s simply wonderful to be able to design a place the way you really want it! And I’ve discovered a new hobby, too: DIY… Assembling your own furniture from a flatpack not only saves a lot of money, but it’s also a lot of fun!

The first piece of furniture my darling Ian and me did was the bed – it was quite big and heavy, and needed two people, but we managed!

Then there were the bedside tables, which were easy enough for me to do on my own, and the shelf for the dining room.

The wardrobe for the bedroom, though, actually proved TOO heavy for us, and we needed the help of a handyman; but he only charged us 10 pounds for finishing the assembly and putting it up!

So, our flat is almost complete now – and it’s simply amazing to look at the pictures of how it’s developed; for when we first saw it, it was completely empty except for the kitchen cupboards and the electric fire in the living room… Even then, though, in my imagination, I was already furnishing it, with the furniture we had from our old flat back in London, and with new stuff I’d order online! So, if you’re going house hunting, dear friends, and the place looks empty and cold – just imagine what it will look like in a few weeks or months…

The first room that was complete was the living room; the fireplace was there, we brought the couch set and the TV table, so all we needed were a few accessories like a nice cosy rug.

Next came the bedroom: after we’d slept on air beds for a couple of weeks, the bed came in, then the curtains and the bedside tables, and finally the wardrobe.

In the dining room corner, we put our table and chairs from London, and added a shelf, a rug, and a few pieces on the wall.

The bathroom was easy to design: all it needed was a shower curtain!

Now the kitchen took a bit longer, because it wasn’t easy to get all the white goods; the fridge only arrived last week! Add a nice rug and a barstool to sit on while cooking, and you get the perfect place for creating lots of tasty meals…

The hall served us as a pantry until we got the fridge – but now it’s turned into a really friendly entrance hall which you can step into right from the street!

Now, the only room that’s still in a bit of a mess is the spare room, which we’ve been using as a sort of warehouse until now… But next week, we’ll put up another wardrobe there (with or without help), and of course, my darling husband’s writing desk!

I must say that, even with coronavirus and lockdowns and all that, moving house and decorating a new flat has been SO much fun all the way. So, if you’re thinking of moving, dear friends, don’t hesitate – you’ll be amazed how much you’ll enjoy it, and how much better your new life in your new place will be!

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