Roberta’s Reviews: Inspire Your Marriage, by John Thomas

After a very long time I’ve written a book review again, dear friends, because this one’s REALLY worth it: a practical guide on how to inspire, refresh, and improve your marriage.

It’s one of the best and most useful non-fiction books I’ve read in years – about how to turn having fallen in love and having made the decision to stay together for life into a really working long-term relationship. Because let’s not lie about it, it doesn’t come by itself; it needs commitment, interaction, understanding and teamwork. We’ve got to share our partner’s life, ideas, interests and dreams without completely giving up our own – and this is exactly what this book is about.

You get a detailed description of various ‘independent qualities’ and ‘team qualities’ in order to understand yourself, your partner and your interactions better; and best and most fun of all, in the end there’s a quiz you can do with your partner, so that each can see the basic attitudes, dreams and ideals of their partner summoned up in a few simple words.

This book, used as a basis for discussion and thinking, can really make your relationship look much easier and free of conflicts!

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