Give yourself a treat sometimes

Well, here we are, dear friends, still in half-lockdown, with the vaccination programme slowing down and once again unsure about when life will go back to halfway normal; many of us have got money problems, too, having lost their jobs or being furloughed or their business being shut or without work. Which means that we sit at home most of the time enjoying the few free things in life like watching television or listening to the radio, eating cheap food and drinking cheap booze – BUT we mustn’t get defeated by all this misery, we’ve got to give ourselves a little treat once in a while!

Thanks to all the online shops, we’ve all got access to much more affordable little things of all sorts than some years ago – whatever fixed idea you’ve had for years, whether it’s something to wear or put on your shelf or your wall, you’ll find it somewhere at a good price! Don’t think that just because you’re low on cash – like most of us are at the moment – you’re not allowed to buy anything other than food and toilet paper…

Well, in my case, my little obsession for many years has been – an old-fashioned candlestick phone. Being a massive fan of old movies, I’ve seen all my favourite stars holding one of those wonderful gadgets: Bogey, James Cagney, Clark Gable… Also, of course, they almost play a protagonist role in the reporter movies I love so much, like Front Page or His Girl Friday.

Of course, these phones used to be very difficult to get and also horrendously expensive; so, I’d almost given up on the idea of ever obtaining one. But, having all this time during lockdown, I started looking for them again, this time online – and found out that you can now get a simple model of one for about £15! Needless to say I didn’t hesitate to order one; and the thrill when the box came and I unpacked it – a dream of a lifetime come true, for just 15 quid… Whatever your dream is, dear friends, just go and get it, you’ll be surprised at just HOW happy it’ll make you!

I must confess, though, that I didn’t stop at that – for this sort of phone, you simply need the right outfit to go with it… And my darling husband and me have been very much into Peaky Blinders recently, binge-watching all six series on BBC iPlayer; that great 1920s and 1930s atmosphere, and those gorgeous dresses the women are wearing, especially Helen McCrory who’s become my new TV superheroine…

So, I also started searching for a 1920s flapper dress online, complete with headband, beads, gloves and even cigarette holder with fake cigarettes – and I found that, too, for just over £20. So, as soon as everything was complete, we did a little photo session; childish but oh so satisfying – I really felt like something right out of the Roaring Twenties! And, of course, once gatherings and parties are allowed again, I’ll have a first class costume to wear. You really can’t call that a waste of money!

So, as I said, dear friends, treat yourselves with something in these difficult days – our mental wellbeing is more important than our bank account right now. Let’s live and enjoy every day, every moment, because we only live once!

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