Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Well, dear friends, life has to go on, so in order to get back on track I’ve been concentrating on just living life in the moment, back home in lovely Wales, enjoying the beautiful October – what a magical season autumn is in so many ways! The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as the great poet John Keats called it; you can read his poem here if you like, it’ll really get you into the mood for autumn!

I’ve already decorated the flat for the season; a medley of orange, yellow, green and brown, and all easily and affordably available to buy online!

October means a lot to me and my darling husband: last week we celebrated our first anniversary in our lovely flat in lovely Holyhead…

On Saturday, we’ll celebrate our third wedding anniversary…

And on Sunday, of course, it’s Halloween, one of the most fun days of the whole year!

The weather here in Wales also is endlessly fascinating in autumn – one day you’ll get a perfectly blue sky, and the next lots of romantic clouds, rain and wind; and sometimes in the evening you can see a magnificent red sunset.

The temperatures are still mild, so it’s a perfect time for walks, especially if you’re close to the countryside and/or the sea, to get some exercise, fresh air and beautiful views.

Our three little Celtic friends love autumn as well, of course; they’re having a lot of fun frolicking among the (artificial) autumn leaves!

So, create your own autumn magic, dear friends; it’s a great time for being creative, imaginative, active, and also a little crazy!

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