Roberta’s Recipes: Apricot punch

Happy New Year to you all, dear friends – I hope you’ve had a great start into 2022! And there are many things that give us hope for a really good year, mainly the news about the new variant of Coronavirus being less dangerous than the previous ones and that it’ll run itself out soon so that AT LAST we’ll all be able to go back to a normal life…

Something to celebrate then; and what better way of partying than with a big bowl of punch? And who says punch is only for summer; my Mum always made a punch for New Year’s Eve when I was a kid – probably the first taste of alcohol I ever got! I kept up the tradition and prepared one for our New Year’s Eve party; just my darling husband and me, lots of music and indoors fireworks and… punch, of course…

I did an apricot punch, which doesn’t mean there actually are apricots in it, but apricot brandy; now if you’ve got difficulties getting such a rare liqueur at your local supermarket, there are lots of online specialist drinks supermarkets that will provide you with anything you want for your mixing. Here’s what you need:

200ml vodka, 200ml apricot brandy, 700ml champagne, 1l Sprite, 500ml orange juice, 2 oranges

Like all punches, it’s very easy to prepare: simply pour all the drinks into your bowl, slice the oranges and throw them in for decoration along with lots of ice cubes.

Enjoy your winter punch party, dear friends, and once again a very happy 2022!!

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