Book review: Isle of Oz, by RT Graham

Olivia, a small-town reporter from Iowa, has made her decision: even though she and her fiancé had been searching the whole South Pacific for a perfect island for their wedding, now that he’s found it she will meet him there and tell him she’s NOT marrying him because he lied to her – if there’s anything in the world the feisty, temperamental girl can’t stand, it’s dishonesty.
So she sets out for the island – but suddenly finds herself floating in a life raft with a total stranger! The plane has crashed, and they are the only survivors. And even though Navy Seal Zack saved her life by pulling her unconscious out of the sea, she can’t stand his bossy ways – or can she? This is one straightforward guy, clever and courageous and chivalrous… Thing is just: he isn’t interested in her, because he doesn’t like troublesome, emotional girls – or does he? Anyway, when they reach a small island, he teaches her how to survive in the wilderness, and her respect for him grows. But their feelings for each other won’t remain their only problem for long: the group of little islands they’re stranded on are also the refuge of a gang of wanted and highly dangerous drug dealers…
A highly enjoyable outdoor adventure, with lots of action, twists and turns and a great sense of humour – and most of all, a lovable couple of protagonists who will leave no one indifferent as to their fate! The sassy young reporter and the cool, experienced Navy Seal are simply made for each other, even if it takes them quite a while to realise it, and new obstacles keep popping up all the time – “Isle of Oz” (a title with a meaning, as we find out throughout the story) doesn’t leave room for a moment of boredom! 

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