Cosy Summer Mysteries Reviews: Granny Hooks a Crook, by Julie Seedorf

This is definitely one of the wackiest cosy mysteries ever – prepare yourself for a LOT of fun with Granny Fiddlestadt!

Hermiony Fiddlestadt is better known in her village of Fuchsia, Minnesota as Granny. Fuchsia is an unusual, colourful town – and Granny is pretty unusual, too: she eats ice cream and donuts for dinner, reads “Fifty Shades of Grey”, drives a red 1957 Corvette, and works undercover in the town’s stores, helping to catch thieves!

She’s also got a cat named Fish, who starts bringing along friends to the house: a little white poodle, and the cat and dog of her new neighbour Franklin, a retired detective from New York, whom she finds quite attractive. Then, a series of burglaries begins in town; all the shops are robbed in turn with exactly the same method, a shop assistant is missing every time, and the loot starts turning up at Granny’s house! And the ‘shysters’, Granny’s and Franklin’s cats and dogs, seem to know what’s going on…

Prime suspect Granny, who in the meantime has also been stalked by a strange woman who resembles her and a handsome young man who keeps disappearing, decides to investigate on her own and find the burglar and the missing girls – and discovers an intricate tunnel system underneath the town! Despite the warnings from Franklin, her three children and the local cop, she ventures down into the hidden labyrinth…

The story and all its protagonists are just so hilariously funny, I laughed more than I’d ever done with any other cosy crime mystery! The names alone are wonderful (everything from Delight Delure to Cornelius Ephram Stricknine), Granny’s behaviour and that of most other people in Fuchsia beggars description; and as for her rocky romance with the serious gentleman Franklin… This seriously is the ultimate fun read for all fans of cosy mystery with a good sense of humour!

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