Strolling through my new hometown

As I’ve told you, dear friends, I got engaged two weeks ago. I still can hardly believe it – I’ve been living in a world of pure bliss ever since! And I’ve started getting aware of the fact that my new hometown now is – London! I’ve been a wanderer for many years; I never liked the place where I was born and grew up, Germany, so I was determined to get out of it ever since I was a teenager. A job on a cruise ship finally brought the opportunity not only to see the world, but to maybe find a man from another country who’d take me there and marry me. Actually, I did, and he took me to Greece. The country was right – it was just the wrong man.

Then, as you know, I fell in love with this most charming Brit online – the UK, literally the other end of Europe… And I’ve got roots now in Greece, I’ve got a 17-year old daughter, and my parents have moved over from Germany, too! Nevertheless, I just HAD to meet him… Well, the rest is history now, and I’m wearing his ring, and in October we’re going to get married – and even though I can’t move here permanently at the moment, London is my new home.

And what a beautiful city – not only the famous inner city with all its sights, from the Tower to Big Ben, but even more so the many outer areas that belong more to the city’s residents. Ours is Tottenham – and it’s certainly one of the most beautiful ones! Old Victorian terraces (we live in one), parks, shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, everything you could wish for.

It’s wonderfully multicultural: you get all sorts of races and religions here, Turks, Jamaicans, Italians, Orthodox Jews – and yes, Greeks as well. And, of course, it’s the home of one of the most famous football grounds, that of Tottenham Hotspurs! It’s just being rebuilt, and it’s absolutely thrilling to watch the building progress…

6LondonLove (8)

I’ve already made lots of new acquaintances here – people are just so open and friendly, they make you feel at home in no time! We’ve also got a pub just around the corner that already feels like a second home…

7EngagementParty (3)

This is the second time I’ve moved not only to a different city, but a different country; and all three countries I’ve lived in are very different from each other. I still love Greece, and we’ll certainly live there part of the year; but I’ve decided there’s just NO place like London…

Published by: Roberta Franklin

I’m an author of romantic fiction, born in Germany and living in Wales and Greece. I’ve worked as a journalist, as social hostess on a cruise ship, as an insurance agent, as a translator and teacher… I love books, movies, computer games, history – and I feel at home everywhere around the world!

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