Food and drink – our everyday enjoyment

Lately, I’ve started sharing a lot of recipes for meals and drinks on social media, but this is the first time I actually blog about it. Why do I blog about food? Because it’s a big part of our lives! Unless you’re really totally indifferent and wrapped up in other things, you DO enjoy a nice dinner and/or a good drink in the evening, isn’t that so? And it’s not only the taste – the eyes want their feast as well: a plate prepared with love and a bit of originality, a cocktail in shiny colours decorated with a little umbrella or a slice of fruit, that’s the sort of thing that simply makes eating and drinking more enjoyable. Decadent? I don’t think so; because it doesn’t actually cost more to make the dinner table look nice and enjoyable.

I guess we’ve all  got our favourite sorts of cuisine, which may not be the one of the country we grew up in – me, for example, I much prefer Mediterranean food to German stuff. My favourite has always been Italian lasagne… Just the look of it makes me start craving!


Of course, we all like dining out once in a while, really getting spoiled in a restaurant with exotic curries or fruit sauces; but for economical reasons, most of us still dine at home most of the time. And that’s exactly the place for experimenting – why not take the time once in a while to cook something a little more special? Anyway, cooking is by far not as difficult anymore as it once was (and still is in some places, including my adopted country Greece where it’s still extremely difficult to find a pour-over sauce sachet or some tinned vegetables…) – supermarkets provide us with all sorts of ready mixtures for both classical and modern recipes, complete with instructions on how to do, say, a cottage pie or a lamb hotpot with no more than 10 or 15 minutes of actual work.

Supermarket Sauces

Then there’s all that frozen food, too, that you’ve only got to shove into the oven – and within 20 minutes or so, you’ve got a ready pizza or enchiladas, or of course a lasagne… So, since you’re saving on cooking time, why not take a bit more time for decorating? Or, for a change or a special occasion or for guests, do a cold buffet – the ideal way of making food look beautiful!

Buffet plate

I must say I’ve really started to LOVE cooking, ever since I’ve been together with my sweetheart; as soon as you’ve got someone who appreciates your efforts, cooking turns from a dreary task into a most wonderful hobby. And you can even cook and decorate together, for yourselves or for friends, that makes the whole thing even more fun!

Dinner Party Table

P.S.: As you’ll have noticed from the pictures, I’m not a vegetarian, I do enjoy eating meat, and I’ll keep including meat dishes in my shares and blogposts. I’ve got the greatest respect for the vegan and vegetarian attitude towards eating animal products, but I’m of the old-fashioned opinion that we humans have been natural omnivores for hundreds of thousands of years – sorry…



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