A trip to Wales and Chester, Part 5

Day 5

The next morning we got up bright and early (well, by our standards; it must have been about 9), had a big breakfast at the station, and started into town again: first of all, to the ancient Roman amphitheatre. Here the old Cestrians would have watched spectacles like gladiator fights, bulls, bears and boars!

8Chester (92)

Next, we strolled down to the River Dee; and since it was a Sunday, the promenade was really bustling with people enjoying themselves, renting boats, going on river trips, having coffee and beer. We had an ice-cream, watched the ducks and the kayakers and listened to the street music – a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Then we ‘re-entered’ the city through Bridgegate, behind which the famous old Bear and Billet pub is situated, housed in one of Chester’s most impressive Tudor buildings. Further down the road, there’s Katie’s Tea Rooms, a genuine old place where you can get tea the real old-fashioned British way, in a pot with a strainer, and with delicious scones, tarts and cakes. And down by the old Canal, there’s the Old Harker Arms, a traditional pub where you can get a large selection of Real Ales!

That wasn’t all the entertainment for the day yet, though – in Hoole, beyond the station, we came across a local beer and wine festival with great live music! There’s ALWAYS something going on in Chester…

Next time: Our last day in Chester and a trip to Parkgate

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