Guest Post by Ian Craine: Our lovely holiday


Roberta has already written about our lovely recent holiday but I thought I would briefly tell you about it from my point of view. It was absolutely magical; she is such a beautiful woman in every way and I am so fortunate.

8Anglesey (48)

The places we visited were quite special to me. Anglesey (or Ynys Mon to give it its proper Welsh name) is where I spent holidays with my parents when I was still at school. Roberta and I stayed in the very same place, Benllech, at a hotel with a wonderful view of the sea. More recently, and after my mother died, I’d spend a precious few days there every October with my father. He himself died over ten years ago so I hadn’t been back there for a long time. On the first morning we drove around the island anti-clockwise just as I had with my Dad. It was magical doing the same trip with Roberta. She’s so appreciative and ever so observant and quickly picks up on all sorts of things. She told me that Ynys Mon was full of ancient burial grounds which I really knew nothing about. So on our final morning we went looking for one of the most famous which we eventually found after tramping through remote country fields. It was wonderful.

8Anglesey (185)

Then we went to Chester where I was born and lived until I went to university. And I’ve visited pretty regularly ever since. We stayed at a hotel I know well which Roberta immediately took to. On our first stroll through Chester I took her along the Canal towpath. She loved it and I was able to see my hometown afresh after all those years thanks to Roberta’s enthusiasm and imagination.

8Chester (20)

The next night we had dinner with some old friends of mine who live above the river. We were able to dine outside in their terraced garden. It was a truly magical evening. I’ve been there many times before but this was special and it was special because I was with Roberta, my fiancee, and I felt so proud. The next day we had lunch with my stepmother, my Dad’s second wife, and just as my friends did she later told me how lovely she thought Roberta was. She’s just so open and friendly and positive, a wonderful girl. Oh what a lucky fellow I am!

8Chester (148)

By Ian Craine

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