Cosy Summer Mystery Reviews: A Wee Murder in My Shop, by Fran Stewart

If you care for a whacky mystery/ghost story with a lot of fun and a clever plot, this one’s just right for you… I had a GREAT time reading “A Wee Murder in My Shop”!

Peggy owns a Scottish shop in a village in Vermont; in order to get over her breakup with her unfaithful boyfriend, she goes on one of her shopping trips to Scotland to find merchandise for her shop at home. She finds a very old tartan shawl – and on a mountain trip the next day, she also finds a 600-year old ghost who claims the shawl belonged to his ‘Peigi’! And he follows her and the shawl back to the USA…

Not enough with that, though: the morning Peggy wants to open up her shop again, she finds the big, heavy bookshelf upturned – and underneath her ex, Mason, dead! He wasn’t killed by the bookshelf, though, but by a blow on the head with a baseball bat; and he’s got a mysterious note in his sporran…

Even though Peggy gets quite annoyed sometimes with her ghostie’s perpetual questions about life in the 21st century, she’s got to admit it: he’s a very good detective, and he starts giving her vital clues in order to catch the murderer!

A wonderful read that never gets boring for a moment; Peggy’s ‘ghostie’ with his funny Scottish accent makes us laugh out loud in the middle of a murder investigation! And the plot is brilliant, too; all the loose ends tie up beautifully in the end without any gaps. Perfect even for the most demanding cosy mystery fans – provided they’re prepared to accept the fact that ghosts simply exist, full stop… As for myself, I really can’t wait to read the next adventure of Peggy and her ghostie!

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