From Athens to London – on Cloud Nine

Here we are again in London, my darling husband Ian and me; for the first time, we flew together this time, because we’re NEVER going to be apart again! We’ll ‘commute’ between London and Athens regularly, because my parents and my daughter are in Greece while most of our working life is set around London. Quite an exciting and varied life!

And oh how wonderful, to travel together – we boarded the Aegean Airlines Airbus, and soon we were way above Europe. On Cloud Nine, in every sense of the word! My life, my future came together in the most wonderful way: I know now where I belong, and to whom I belong…

The four hours of flight passed in no time, there was wine and pastitsio for lunch, and my darling and me chatting and laughing and looking at the clouds outside! A trip from one home to the other, with the man I love beside me – WHAT more could you ask for??

And the airports have taken on such a different role now, too; we’d gone right through security at Athens Airport and then had a leisurely breakfast – until now, we’d always left security for the last minute because we’d have to part; one of us would have to leave, the other one would have to stay behind… I even missed a plane once that way!

At Heathrow, we weren’t in a hurry, either – after passport control, we went up to the “Flying Chariot” on the Departures level and had another drink there before heading home to Tottenham on the Tube. No more need to hurry, and no more need to worry!

And now I’m back home in London; good old wintery London, with its pubs and supermarkets and department stores – and functioning central heating, and hot water day and night, which is something you can’t expect on the Balkans… I REALLY love my new hometown!!


Do any of you live in two different cities or countries, my friends? What’s your experience? I’d love to hear about it!

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