Why Valentine’s Day is NOT overrated

These days, while shops are decorating with flowers and pink hearts and social media are full of all sorts of tips for a Valentine dinner, gift or trip, there’s also more and more ranting against Valentine’s Day. It’s hypocritical, it’s commercialised, it’s kitschy, and so on. Well, I’d say, if you don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, just leave it – but also leave others to celebrate if they want to!

Yes, shop owners and others offer all sorts of things romantic for the occasion; It’s only natural that everybody who’s got anything to sell that’s in any way connected with love and romance makes an extra effort around Valentine’s Day, just because of the general mood. I’m a romance writer, and of course I’d be very happy if lots of people chose one of my books as a Valentine’s gift! But advertising isn’t compelling, it’s just offering – things that may make our Valentine’s Day just that little bit more romantic.

Then they say that it’s unfair that rich people can impress their significant others with expensive gifts like jewellery or a dinner at the Savoy, while others either have to look ‘poor’ on Valentine’s day or take out a loan. Thing is, though, Valentine’s Day isn’t for bragging, it’s for showing your feelings; a symbolical gift is much better than showing off the wealth you have or haven’t got. Nobody can force you to buy anything expensive for your loved one; instead of a diamond ring or a trip to Paris, get her/him a box of chocolates or a teddy bear – if he/she really loves you, they’ll more than appreciate it.

Valentines Teddy

That’s the idea of Valentine’s Day: to show the one you love that you love them! And no, you’re not only supposed to do that once a year, of course – but why not have a holiday especially for LOVE? Valentine’s Day (even though it does go back to a Christian saint) is one of the few holidays that’s not in any way connected to any religion; it celebrates the most important thing in real life, love. Could there be anything better to celebrate, to cherish, to enjoy?

I know, not everybody’s lucky enough to have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. But, besides hoping that one day you WILL have a partner, you can always celebrate with your family, your friends, or your pets! Go out with other guys or gals who are single (and you might even end up not being single anymore before the day is over…), treat your parents or kids to something nice, give your dog a new toy or your cat a special seafood meal – just celebrate! There are more kinds of love than one.

And to all the happy couples who ARE going to celebrate the day, I say: enjoy yourselves, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way you like! A nice dinner, no matter whether at home or out, some candlelight, some romantic music, and the day will be perfect…

Romantic Dinner

Have you got any imaginative ideas, dear friends, how to make Valentine’s Day even more special? I’d love to hear them!

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