Wood Green High Road – North London’s best shopping area

If you’re planning on a trip to London, dear friends, you’ll probably want to do some shopping, too – London’s famous for it. Now what names come to mind? Oxford Street, Harrod’s, Selfridges… Forget about that! They’re all way to expensive, and the stuff they sell isn’t even cool, either. Well, I happen to be lucky enough to be living in one of London’s coolest areas, Tottenham, a wonderful mixture of races and styles – and home to one of the really best shopping areas in town: Wood Green High Road.

It’s easy to reach, too: just take the Piccadilly tube line to the north and get off at Turnpike Lane. As you leave the beautiful 1930s Art Deco building, there it is to your right: Wood Green High Road, a shopping paradise for all tastes and ages!

You’ll find lots of little boutiques with really trendy clothes at a good price, as well as discount shops and, of course, phone and computer stores.

Wood Green High Road is ideal for a stroll with its lovely old Victorian and Edwardian buildings; there are little street markets in some corners, and of course lots of coffee shops and little restaurants that offer refreshments.

The best bit, though, is the far end of the street: The Mall! It houses all sorts of shops with big names but very reasonable prices, a market hall, and a number of great snack bars.

There’s a Claire’s shop which none of you gals will want to miss – fashion jewellery and accessories almost ridiculously cheap! And there’s a huge Primark store where you can find the latest fashion for literally just a few pounds.

You’ll also find books here, stationery, souvenirs, toys, household items, and so on and so on… So, when you come to London, friends, don’t waste time and money in the expensive city centre – come to North London to do your shopping!


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