Roberta’s Recipes: Ian’s Chinese prawns

This recipe, dear friends, was actually created by my darling husband – and he both shopped for it and prepared it, too! Ian loves his fish and seafood, and he’s much better at doing it than I am. And this time he really surpassed himself!

We both love Chinese takeaways, and we’ve got a very good one almost next door; but why not do it yourself? So, my great chef created a fabulous concoction with many of the classic ingredients of Chinese cuisine; and it’s quick and easy to do, too! An ideal recipe for two, if you haven’t got much time or if you’re planning on doing other things with your evening than cooking for hours on end…

9IanChinese (2)

Serves 2

Cooking time: 10 minutes



150g cooked prawns

150g Chinese noodles

2 large mushrooms

1 yellow bell pepper

1 celery

Butter or olive oil

½ fish stock cube



Cut the mushrooms, the bell pepper and the celery into slices. Bring some water to boil with half a fish stock cube, then throw the noodles in and cook them for just 2-3 minutes; at the same time, throw all the other ingredients into a wok or pan and stir fry them.

Put the ready noodles in with the rest, stir fry a few minutes more and season with ginger – and voila! A ready meal, enormously healthy and tasty…

9IanChinese (1)

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