A lovely Sunday in London town

Let me tell you, dear friends, how wonderful life can be in London (or anywhere, for that matter, if you make it so) – wonderfully simple and a lot of fun! Now last Sunday, we met our friends Nick and Mo at the pub – a drink in the morning, just like that… Well, at 1pm actually, but we Londoners still call that ‘morning’, especially on a Sunday!

There were also rugby World Cup matches going on that day – rather early in the morning, since the tournament is taking place in Japan. We’d already witnessed a great victory of Wales against Uruguay, and now it was time for Scotland-Japan; and just as we’d hoped, the match was being shown on the big screens in the pub when we got there! Well, Scotland lost and was thrown out of the World Cup, but still it’s a great experience to watch such a big match in a pub, with lots of other fans of the sport.

As the match was about to finish, our friends joined us – and then the fun really started! For more than four hours, we chatted and laughed together; my darling Ian and Nick are old school friends, they’ve known each other for 60 years, so you can imagine all the banter and memories that came up…

We naturally had our fill of cider, beer and wine, and so by the time Ian and me got back home we were just too lazy to do any cooking, so we decided to get a takeaway from the Chinese next door – life can be so simple! A delicious duck chow mein to round up a most wonderful Sunday…

10Chinese Takeaway

I must say this lovely London lifestyle is something entirely new to me – back in Germany where I grew up we didn’t go out for a drink ‘just like that’ on a Sunday morning, and in Greece where I lived for twenty years, being a single Mum I didn’t have any time or money for that sort of thing. But now, here with my darling husband, a whole new life has started for me in so many ways!

And we can all do it, whenever we like – just go out once in a while, meet friends, have a drink, and make a Sunday or any other day different, dear friends!

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