Guest post by Ian Craine: My wonderful wife on my birthday

Here’s another lovely guest post by my dearest darling husband Ian, dear friends – he’s just SOOOOO wonderful!!!


I recently celebrated my birthday and Roberta made sure I had a truly wonderful one. She promised to cook me a lovely dinner. While she rested I slipped out for a pint at my old local and passed the time of day with the governor who’s been there for something like twenty years.

12GreenLanes (6)

I came home and Roberta and I watched an old episode of Columbo together. He’s a favourite of both of us. We love the way he leads suspects on, and makes them think that they are the clever ones pulling the wool over his eyes. But then with a final Oh just one more thing he has got them, and their whole world comes tumbling down.


But to the highlight of my day. Roberta cooked us steak. We had a long thin piece of sirloin and a round fat one of rump. Both were absolutely wonderful, a tribute equally to the quality of the meat and Roberta’s skilful cooking. By the time they left her pan they were just right. With them we had mashed potato and leaves (Romaine lettuce and Caesar Salad dressing to match). I indulged myself in a bottle of Fitou while Roberta stuck to her cider.

Then we watched some Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) on television. Then we… ??…. !! It was a very very happy birthday with my oh so wonderful young wife.


Ian Craine

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