Hello again and happy New Year!

Hello again, dear friends, and a wonderful New Year 2020 to all of you! I took the liberty over the holidays to take a time-out from social media, blogging and even emailing; I think it is a good idea sometimes to just concentrate on your family for a while.

My darling Ian and me went to Piraeus for Christmas and New Year to see my parents – while my daughter in the meantime went to stay in our flat in London! A nice flat-swapping arrangement that ensured peace and quiet for all of us… So, we decorated the newly refurbished flat nicely for the holidays and settled into our new little room which is now equipped with all the amenities from WiFi to TV.

We had a lovely Christmas with my parents; my Mum did her famous roast duck as usual, complete with a ready stuffing mixture we’d brought all the way from London! Then we chatted and drank and had lots of cake and watched the winter sports programmes on satellite TV – a perfect holiday…

Then came the greatest day of the year in my calendar: New Year’s Eve! We all dressed up and had a lot of fun with music and snacks waiting for the New Year – which we celebrated three times, first the Greek one, then the German one and then the British one!

As always, we’d bought lots of booze for the occasion; if you don’t drink on New Year’s Eve, then when?? And so I indulged in my old hobby of cocktail mixing once again in my Mum’s kitchen – good thing it was only a short walk back home to our flat…

Before we left Piraeus, we had dinner at our lovely local restaurant with the specialities from Asia Minor – a huge platter of mixed grilled meat, accompanied by wine and beautiful Greek music.


And now we’re back in London, my darling husband and me, waiting for our next indexing job and getting back into our routines including blogging – and preparing for Burns Night this Saturday; more about that soon!

How did you spend your holidays, dear friends? Did you also take a social media time out, and how did you like it? I’d love to hear your comments!

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