Relive those great sports moments

This is a sad time for sports fans – the rugby Six Nations never finished this year, the Premier League and the Champions League were put on hold, even the Olympic Games were postponed… I’m not the sporty type myself, but I love watching sports on TV and sometimes in the stadium, too – cheering for your team is a perfect way of letting off steam!

But, even though there’s no live sport on the telly at the moment, we can still go back to those great moments we love – when our team or our favourite athlete had a great triumph and we celebrated with them. You can find lots of clips from sports events of all sorts on YouTube, dear friends – so why not have a look?

Now, my own favourite sport to watch has for quite a while been rugby; and even though this year’s Six Nations Championship was interrupted halfway through, we can at least rewatch the matches that had been played – or we can go back to last year’s World Cup in Japan, where some really exciting matches took place! This is my personal favourite…

And you can also watch the highlights from the final, of course!


And how about some football – the most popular spectator sport in the world! You can, for example, re-enjoy all the goals from the World Cup in 2018:

Or, more locally here in England, a vintage treat for Liverpool fans, for example: the full FA Cup Final 2006…

You can choose your own favourite team, of course – just search on YouTube’s search engine, there is something for everyone, from Manchester United to Spurs, and from Barcelona to Bayern Munich!


Then, how about some boxing? If this lockdown has made you feel a bit aggressive, you can watch others bash each other’s noses in… Since most boxing bouts nowadays are on pay-TV, now is your chance to see some great fights you may not have seen yet! Like this one earlier this year: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder…


Or maybe you’re more of an athletics fan? There are lots of clips like this one on YouTube from the World Championships last year:


Another one of my favourite sports to watch on TV recently had become darts – we’ve even been practising ourselves at home! So, this is a sport you can still do during lockdown, and you can of course also watch the giants of darts on YouTube – even the full final of January’s World Championship, Peter Wright against Michael van Gerwen:


Enjoy watching and celebrating, dear friends; and tell me about your favourite sports events that you’ve been missing or you’ve been rewatching!

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