A bike named Sue

Spring is here, vaccination is going ahead, and lockdowns are easing – time for a bit of optimism at last, dear friends, after this long and dark year of Coronavirus! And also time to get out of the house, to get around and experience new things and feel free again…

Many of you, I know, have been out and about as much as possible and permitted under lockdown – doing your daily exercise with walking, running or cycling – but I must confess that I’ve only just started feeling like it, even though both the perfect surroundings and the means to explore them had been there for me ever since January when I ordered a bicycle from Argos… A flatpack, of course, like everything else we ordered there for our new flat – and at a really good price, just 109 Pounds! It wasn’t difficult to assemble, and after less than an hour it stood there in our living room, pretty and shiny blue and ready to go. I decided she’s a girl, and I named her Sue…

The weather, though, wasn’t very nice at that time, and so, after a few little rounds in the square opposite our house (I hadn’t been on a bike in years, either, and I was completely out of shape after almost a year of lockdown) I took her to her ‘stable’, our nice little backyard, tied her up and went back inside and to the sofa where I spend most of my time now, lazing around, watching TV, eating, drinking and playing computer games…

But, in tandem with the good news about the successful vaccination campaign in the UK (my darling husband has already had both his jabs, and I’m getting my first one next week), the weather also opened up – the sun literally started shouting through the window: ‘Come on out, you lazybones, and do some cycling!!’ And so I did, yesterday, for the first time…

I just went down the road out of town for about a mile – simply enjoying the freedom! It was strenuous after all that time of not doing anything (even though the road is just a little bit uphill), but it was a wonderful experience, feeling the sun, breathing in the fresh air and absorbing various impressions like the little flowers blooming next to the wall I sat on to get my breath back before heading back home.

And now that I’ve started, I’ll really get going! There’s so much to see around here in lovely Anglesey; my darling Ian has already explored a lot of it on his long walks: beaches, little woods, and endless fields with sheep. I’ve never been a great walker, I’m afraid, but now with Sue I’ll be able to get around as well!

I know, dear friends, not everybody’s lucky enough to have so much nature and open space close by – I didn’t until last October; we spent all last summer in a second floor flat in London… But now that both the Coronavirus situation and the weather are changing, consider a park or a square or a quiet side road, and get out walking, running, cycling, whatever! We’ve all got a LOT of fun and freedom and fresh air to catch up on…

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