Staycation 2: A boat named Lucy

How are you enjoying your staycation, dear friends? I’m sure you’ll find that wherever you are, you’ll find some way, some place, to enjoy yourselves, get out, get some fresh air and sunshine and exercise – a park, a swimming pool, a wood, a stream or lake, or, if you’re as lucky as us, even the sea itself…

Now I’ve told you about the bike that I got earlier this year and named Sue – the perfect first step to getting more mobile, independent and adventurous.

Then, I ordered a trailer online, which you can use both as a wheelbarrow and attach to a bike, and I tied it up in the backyard together with Sue; my darling husband and me already used it for a picknick on the beach a few weeks ago.

And now I’ve also got something I’d always wanted ever since I was a kid: an inflatable boat! I named her Lucy, and we put her in our trailer and went to the beach, and while Sue was patiently waiting in the parking lot, I went ‘skipping’ with Lucy.

She’s really only a kid’s boat, that was all we could afford – but it’s such a lot of fun struggling with her in the water, and also of course a great way of burning calories; more fun than you’ll ever get in a gym or exercising at home, I can assure you…

Thanks to my watertight mobile bag, I even was able to take photos from the boat, while my darling Ian was taking photos of me from the beach! Talking about having fun with modern gadgets, eh?

But there’s lots more activities to do on a beach, of course (or in a river or a lake, for that matter): I also went snorkelling to admire the marvellous underwater world of shells, seaweed and fish, and also to lose another pound or two of my excess lockdown weight. You can do it, too, dear friends – all you have to do is find a spot of water to swim and splash in; there’s nowhere else you can have so much fun and get exercise at the same time…

What are your favourite activities for your staycation, dear friends? I’d love to hear about them – let’s all enjoy ourselves at home this summer!

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