Roberta’s Summer Recipes: Punch time!

Let’s stay in the spirit of staycation, dear friends – this time I’ve got a great tip for a party drink that’s sure to raise everybody’s spirits and get you in holiday mood right in your own home! All you need is a punch bowl set; no problem at all, you can get one online from 20-25£. It’s a very stylish addition to your glassware, and it just looks SO cool on a shelf or on top of the kitchen cupboard!

And what are you going to put into your bowl? There are no limits to your imagination and creativity here; you can find hundreds of recipes for fruit punches online, with or without alcohol, with simple or exotic ingredients. For our first punch, I chose a simple recipe: pineapple punch. What you need for it is:

200ml white rum, 500ml pineapple juice, 700ml champagne, 1 pineapple or 1 tin of pineapple chunks.

First, you cut your pineapple: remove the ends, then peel it all around, then cut it into quarters lengthwise and remove the core. Cut the rest into chunks, removing the dark, hard eyes. Put them into a bowl and leave them in the freezer for 2 hours. If you are using tinned pineapples, drain them first before you freeze them!

The drinks should also be cold, so leave them in the fridge as well for 2 hours. Then, simply start pouring everything into your punch bowl and stir it with the ladle; if you like it even cooler and a bit watered down, you can add ice cubes as well.

The party can begin – no matter whether it’s in the house or garden, and whether it’s for a whole bunch of friends or family or just for two or even one, I can guarantee you a great time! As typical British snacks, you can serve some cucumber sandwiches and butter cookies with it.

Put on some music for you and/or your guests; you might want something old-fashioned and jazzy for your summer punch party, like this:

Cheers, dear friends, have a great summer party! I’ll be trying out more punch recipes for you soon…

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